Escape from the Ivory Tower by Nancy Baron
Author Nancy Baron

Nancy Baron is the outreach director of the Communications Partnership for Science and the Sea, known as COMPASS. She designed and leads the communications trainings for the Aldo Leopold Leadership Program. She and her COMPASS team offer a wide range of workshops for academic scientists as well as scientists who work for government, and non-governmental organizations in North America and abroad. Her experience as both a biologist for Canadian National Parks and as a science writer inspired her to help bridge the gaps among scientists, journalists, and policymakers. Baron has won numerous science writing awards including National Magazine,Science and Society and Western Magazine awards in Canada. An ardent naturalist, Baron has led natural history expeditions around the world. She wrote the popular introductory field guide, Birds of the Pacific Northwest (Lone Pine Publishing, 1997), as a way to help people engage with the natural world. Nancy is based at NCEAS, the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis in Santa Barbara.

Website Author and COMPASS New Media Specialist

Contributing author Liz Neeley created this website and its exercises, videos, and suggested readings. Liz develops and leads the new media and multimedia components of communications workshops for the Aldo Leopold Leadership Program and universities across the country. Before joining COMPASS, Liz studied the evolution and visual ecology of tropical reef fishes. Three years into her Ph.D she got hooked on science communication. After grad school, her work ranged from helping communities in Fiji and Papua New Guinea share their knowledge of local coral reef ecosystems with the media to working to monitor trade in the deep-sea corals used in luxury fashion and design. Liz is based at the University of Washington in the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.