Escape from the Ivory Tower by Nancy Baron
"No one understands scientists the way Nancy Baron does. This book helps connect the worlds of science, journalism, and policy in very entertaining and insightful ways. If you care about linking science with action, this is the book to read."

Pam Matson, Scientific Director of the Leopold Leadership Program, Woods Institute for the Environment and Dean of the School of Earth Sciences, Stanford University

"By challenging scientists to find and use their own voice, Nancy Baron has done more than anyone in the last decade to raise public awareness about our imperiled oceans. Not since Sir Peter Medawar published the classic Advice to a Young Scientist has so much wisdom been shared so concisely."

Larry Crowder, Director, Duke Center for Marine Conservation

"Nancy Baron is a master of the art of science communication. Escape from the Ivory Tower is essential reading for scientists who want their work understood by the public and decision makers."

Natasha Loder, Science and Technology Correspondent, The Economist

"In our age of information overload it is easy for research to disappear without trace. If you want yours to get noticed, read Nancy Baron's excellent guide."

Callum Roberts, Professor of Marine Conservation, University of York and author of The Unnatural History of the Sea

"At last! The definitive manual on communicating science effectively in an era of environmental change — Baron's book provides the practical tools to make a difference."

Diana Wall, Director, School of Global Environmental Sustainability, Colorado State University

"We are moving into an interesting and exciting but unfamiliar future. To those who would be its leaders, the advice in these pages provides essential guidance."

Donald Kennedy, Former Editor in Chief, Science