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Case Study - "Can Catch Shares Prevent Fisheries Collapse?"

In September 2008, Christopher Costello and Steven Gaines of the University of California at Santa Barbara and John Lynham of the University of Hawaii published a paper in Science titled “Can Catch Shares Prevent Fisheries Collapse?” You can browse the website they created to host photos, videos, and other supporting material, such as this map.

Approximately 170 outlets covered the story or picked it up from wire services. A sampling of the coverage includes:
· The BBC
· The Canadian Press
· The Economist (firewall)
· The Independent
· The Los Angeles Times
· Miller-McCune
· The New York Times
· Reuters
· Science (firewall)
· Scientific American
· Time
· USA Today
· The Washington Post

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Example - Sharing science with new media

In March 2009, Nature journalist Erika Check Hayden wrote the story, "Fungus farmers show way to new drugs"about leaf-cutting ant colonies. It attracted a huge wave of new readers when people who might never read Nature discovered and popularized it on Digg.
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Examples - Effective op-eds

After learning how to craft effective op-eds at an Aldo Leopold training, Martin Doyle wrote and successfully placed several op-eds about the nation's aging infrastructure.

You can download and read his piece "Build the environment too" here, or visit the Raleigh, NC News&Observer for his latest.

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Examples - Effective research websites

Your personal or lab website is an important part of your communications arsenal. People, including journalists, need to be able to easily find you and explore your work. There are countless great examples; here are just a handful:
• Simon Donner -
• Steve Palumbi -
• Dov Sax -
• Whendee Silver -
• Boris Worm -
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Examples - Marty Krkosek's Website

When Marty Krkosek was dealing with backlash relating to his research on sea lice and salmon farms, he posted his responses to questions and challenges on his website.
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